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Kindly note that the registration form must be filled out first before the Admission form can be purchased. The registration form does not attract any fee. You may contact the school’s administration on 0303965079 or 0303965080 or on the Whatsapp number 0268686898 for admission arrangements.

Mrs. Felicity Cudjoe

Mrs Felicity Cudjoe had her training in Early Childhood Education with the Modern Montessori International, London. Her speciality is in the theory and practice of the Montessori Method of education. With a firm grounding in management and entrepreneurial programs coupled with over twenty-seven years of experience in early childhood education, Felicity is an entrepreneur personified.

Her quest for success has made her a beacon of hope for many upcoming business-oriented individuals, especially in the area of preschool education. A number of teachers she has supervised have successfully started their own preschools and are doing well. This has catapulted her into the limelight of a preschool consultant as many continue to consult her on issues related to the field of early childhood education.

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