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Benefits Of Co-Curricular Activities

Reasons For Co-curricular Activities

Extra- curricular activities form a very vital part of our curriculum in the school. The school emphasizes that academic knowledge must have practical relevance, and so ensures that every child is exposed to adequate practical work to support classroom work.

1. Raises Self-Esteem

Many children feel worthless or think there is nothing they are good at. They lack self-esteem. But these activities are a way to help them build self-esteem. Each child is good at doing something best, and this co-curricular curricular activity helps the child to shine in her little corner, which boosts their self-esteem.

2. Making A Contribution

Co-curricular activities help children in one way or the other, to order their thoughts in contributing in discussions. This shows that they are getting away from just thinking of themselves and contributing to something else. It is a guide and very important in their growth as a person.

3. Building Social Relationship Skills

They learn to associate with each other, because of the rules and regulations that guide their thoughts into building a better and a healthy relationship. When it comes to social activities and gathering, they fit in perfectly. They learn to appropriate act in social situation.

4. Long-term Commitment

They learn to commit themselves to a particular activity for a period of time. Learning to take on commitment is important and these activities can teach your child this important lesson.

5. Getting Involved In Diverse Interest

It helps children to be very diverse in their interest and explore various interests that they may have.

For the Participants, co-curricular activities also have the following benefits:
  •  Enjoy a sense of belonging.
  •  Feel they are a part of a group or attached to something special.
  •  Develop meaningful relationships through team work.
  •  Learn important skills, which help them in other aspects of their lives.
  •  Learn good Leadership skills.
  •  Are influenced both by the culture of an activity and the experience they have as a part of that activity.
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