Online Admissions

Kindly note that the registration form must be filled out first before the Admission form can be purchased. The registration form does not attract any fee. You may contact the school’s administration on 0303965079 or 0303965080 or on the Whatsapp number 0268686898 for admission arrangements.


Computer Lab, Science Lab,Dining Area
, Smart Board, Washrooms, Security,
Air-condition Room

Air-Conditioned Classrooms

Classrooms are fitted with air-conditioners and fans with a good lighting system in place, making the environment conducive for learning.

Computer Classrooms

Our state-of-the-art computer lab is designed to help our students understand and utilize rapidly evolving technology in achieving the educational goals.


All gates are manned by competent security personnel.

Dining Area

We provide a clean eating area to ensure that all our students are fed in a hygienic environment.

SMART Boards

It has been designed to capture the attention of the whole class, encouraging active learning, providing group access to digital information such as network files and websites. With a stocked gallery the child and teacher have limitless resources that make research, teaching and learning fun for all.


Hygienic male and female washrooms have been provided for our students