Online Admissions

Kindly note that the registration form must be filled out first before the Admission form can be purchased. The registration form does not attract any fee. You may contact the school’s administration on 0303965079 or 0303965080 or on the Whatsapp number 0268686898 for admission arrangements.

Salsa Club

  •  Dance is a GREAT form of exercise and not at all boring.
  • Forever young – Dancing is fantastic at keeping one young. Not only does it benefit our hearts and cardiovascular system, it also increases lung capacity. It’s physically demanding, but also great fun and keeps us smiling and happy. It retards the ageing process by keeping us mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.  
  • Strong healthy bones and well lubricated joints – Dancing strengthens not just our muscles, but our bones too. It also keeps our joints lubricated.
  •  Flexibility, agility and co-ordination – Most people become less flexible, less agile and less coordinated as they grow older. Not only can dance drastically slow this process down, it can actually reverse it. Repeatedly performing certain dance movements has the effect of making the child more flexible and agile and makes him become a lot more coordinated and all the time having tons of fun and making new friends.  
  • More confidence and self-esteem.
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